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Dream Presidential Vacation Homes Nairobi



Vacation homes for sale Kenya

Dream Presidential Vacation Homes Nairobi

When Donald Trump’s visits Nairobi Africa in search for a dream investment property to built a golf course you will not be surprised.

When one of Donald Trump’s top advisers or American ambassador to Kenya, thinks to buy a home in Kenya and invites his boss to dinner, then Europe will grab the remaining homes and built more investment properties in this jewel of the world.

Foreign Demand

To satisfy foreign demand for homes the Kenyan treasury 2017-2018 budget is one billion dollar for common urban land infrastructure for developers to build homes for high net worth Americans, Europeans and Africans.

Its high time Africans took up the chances before foreign demand for Kenya home outstrips local demand and become unaffordable.   This world city has the most beautiful homes under the planet. Kenya is the perfect vacation homes centre of the universe and is enticingly your taste.

Vacation Homes for Europeans, American and Africans

Perhaps it is time trump visited the city of Kenya’s in Africa and get a vacation home. His children will be happy to have a perfect get away once in awhile. It is only a plane ticket away over the weekend. A change is as good as rest.

One Million Dollar Homes

Today little known display homes for sale in Kenya homes are beginning at average of one million dollars just for rental purpose properties to Americans Europeans and high class Africans and rich wealth families from all over the world. The class apartments with multiple families’ multi user buildings have also become a new trend in Kenya.

Happiness and Beauty of Kenya

When you value your happiness and comfort a choice home is the best bet. The palatial homes of Donald Trump will become a true global empire when he adds new properties from the beauty of city of Kenya to complete the picture. The Architecture Association Awards for new and renovated new residential architecture selects Africa’s best house of the year and Kenya is surely in list of candidates.

We are seeing several world Presidents visits to Kenya for retirement vacation homes sooner than later and I believe you will want to become acquainted.




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